Around the Farm

I spent some time today taking pictures around the farm. I am posting quite a few pictures today. My goal is to only post pictures that were taken that day. Because of that, there will be days that I post lots of pictures and other days when I only post one. I am considering posting each picture separately from now on; that way each image will have it's own link. However, I would probably post pictures in a series in one post. I am also considering creating a split post where the picture and title will be displayed, but you would need to click on it to read any additional information about the picture. I think this will create a cleaner blog. Please let me know what you think about these ideas.

Wheels on Ice

Cauldrons of Sleet

Evergreen Winter

Twin Silos

Hide and Seek


Here are some black and whites of cattle. I always really like farm animals in black and white. It gives them some sense of majesty in my opinion.

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