81-365 Pear Blossoms


80-365 Daffodils


I always hate to pick them, but I wanted to enjoy some inside the house and since I was leaving in a few days and they would likely be dead when I got back...I decided to go ahead. If I remember correctly, these are supposed to be St. Patrick's Day Daffodils and are supposed to be slightly green in color, but I never ...notice that they are.

The one meant to be in focus isn't as sharp as I would like because the wind was crazy and I didn't have any way of blocking it without help...

79-365 Another Brick in the Wall


This photo is for the Weekly Photo Challenge I do with my photography students (a high school class once a week). We decided to do a photo inspired by a song.

I had several songs in mind and I have one that will be awesome, but I didn't have time to set it up, so I did this one instead.

78-365 Cute Little Bug

How could you resist that smile! This is my youngest niece who has only this week mastered the art of mobility.

77-365 Enchiladas!


These smelled so good when they were baking that I just about couldn't wait to get them out of the oven and on my plate!

76-365 Corned Beef and Cabbage

Happy St. Patty's Day! I went to my first Corned Beef and Cabbage meal at the local Catholic church. One of my students invited me and I'm so glad I went.

74-365 Film Reel

This actually hangs in my house. There are two film reels with film draped in between.

73-365 What is it?


My friends on Facebook love to play "Guess the Photo of the Day", so I am putting it out there for everyone here...Do you know what it is?

72-365 Egg Carton

I always enjoy getting out my macro lens. It makes the ordinary look extraordinary.

71-365 T-Ball


My niece and nephew are preparing to play t-ball for the first time. I can't wait to go to the games and I can't wait to see if my niece will stick with it!

70-365 Engagement


This is just one of the photos I took today at my first engagement shoot. It wasn't my favorite, but I used to have these students in my classroom and this just reminds me of them and who they are as a couple. He is obviously exasperating her once again with something he has said. It is so typical of them.

68-365 Fake Burn


This is actually a close shot of a tanning bed. I did get some that weren't distorted in color, but I liked the look of this one best. I think the color distortion adds something.

66-365 Timber


We have lots of sawmills around where I live. This is a place where they bring in timber from the woods before transporting it elsewhere.

65-365 Church Front


I love taking different angled shots of architecture. There's not a lot of interesting architecture around my home town, but I was taking a wide shot of my church and decided to have some fun before I lost the evening light.

64-365 The Gig


Adam's Demise a Heavy Metal band out of West Plains, Missouri

This is the first time I have ever taken photos during a concert. It was a small gig and the bassist is my cousin, so I was able to go anywhere with my camera. The stage lighting was basic, so no fun lighting shots. I played around trying to find a good combo of flash and exposure. Not 100% happy, but good for a first try.

63-365 Fruit


This was just a last minute photo for my 365. Some days, the inspiration is just not there...

62-365 Sunrise

I hate to repeat myself during my 365, but I am a sucker for a colorful sunrise (or sunset). Without additional photography time, I was glad I caught this sunrise in the morning.

61-365 Career Puzzles


These are some 3-piece, magnetic career puzzles in our church nursery. I just love how happy they are, and their bright colors make me happy! I believe they love their jobs.

60-365 Green Beans