59-365 Melted


 I honestly didn't realize this was possible! Now the top of my stove (and possibly this burner) is ruined. I thought I had turned the back burner on, but instead had turned on the front burner on which there was an empty pot. When I got back into the kitchen to make my oatmeal, I discovered the wrong burner was on. When I lifted up the pot, the bottom came off and melted metal went all over the stove top! I'm just glad it didn't splash on me...

57-365 Button Necklace


This is a button necklace that my 6-year-old niece made me for my birthday.

55-365 The Washer

Fuji 7/7

Just the inside of my washer...

54-365 Crumbling


54-365 Crumbling
Fuji 6/7

This is my bird bath that has been slowly cracking, but yesterday it finally crumbled down into a huge mess that I will eventually have to clean up...

53-365 Family Bible


Fuji 5/7
It was a long day without much inspiration, but the 365 must go on!

52-365 Woodpecker at Work


Fuji 4/7

I am having one problem with my Fuji...some photos are showing up with digital noise in them; which is weird since it is set on 200 ISO... and it only happens part of the time.



These are blank cassette tapes that used to be used to record the sermons at our church. Now we record on CD's so we can transfer them to the church's website, but blank cassettes just bring back so many memories!

Just a few days ago some of my colleagues and I were talking at lunch about sitting for hours listening to the radio so we could record our favorite songs! Now kids can just go to iTunes and have the song in a few minutes. Amazing.  I am sure there are lots of kids out there that wouldn't even know what a cassette tape was...

49-365 Fuji Day 1

49-365 Fuji Day 1

Day 1 of using my Fuji Finepix J150w instead of my Nikon D90 for my Photo of the Day.

I took this same shot with my Nikon, but I actually liked this one better. However, I took a lot of shots before I manipulated the camera to do what I wanted. I am learning a lot about this P&S. Usually I just use it on auto (I just keep it in my purse for emergencies). There are actually quite a few ways to make manual decisions.

45-365 Sunrise


Absolutely NO editing on this one. This was all done in camera and from God. I was able to catch the sun at the right moment. However, I had to take it off the back porch because I just happened to notice the color while I was getting ready for work, so I didn't have the perfect setting.
Nikon D90
1/100 sec
55 mm
ISO 200

44-365 Garage


Today was my nephew's 5th birthday and this was a Matchbook garage that I got him as a present.

43-365 The Scream


I took pictures of a friend's 6 week old son today. He was not into the photo shoot, but I did manage to get some good shots. I loved this one of him mid-scream.

42-365 Afghan


I've been working hard this week to get this finished. Sometimes I just get super focused and obsessed on a project. This is afghan is made out of leftover skeins of yarn. Nothing fancy here, just a good, old-fashioned double stitch for warmth. I like how the fancy stitches look, but hate how my toes stick through the holes...

41-365 Cupcakes


I spent several hours today baking up these little goodies. I like to combine two of my loves: baking and photography. These are Chocolate cupcakes with Caramel icing.

38-365 Saddle


You never know where you might find a beautiful photo. Today I went with my mom to a farm and feed store to pick up some seed for my father and decided to take in my camera because I hadn't taken my photo for the day. I took photos of several different things in the store, but it was this shot of an ordinary saddle that I loved.

37-365 Cardinal

Not a great shot. He was still too far away, but I just had to try anyway...

36-365 Snow Bird

Woke up to 6 inches of snow, but it is melting fast. I put out some bird feed to try to entice some birds in for a few shots...I was hoping for a few male cardinals, but no such luck. Odd, because usually they are everywhere...

35-365 It's Snowing Again!


We just managed to get the roads partially clear from the ice and now it is snowing. We are expected to get upwards of 3 inches with more expected Tuesday-Wednesday!

34-365 Clothesline


It was a beautiful world in the Ozarks today as the ice began to melt. The sun came out and was glinting off of the melting ice. Freezing rain is scary and dangerous, but it is the most beautiful of all the winter precipitation. It is like diamonds have been sprinkled over everything. No picture can really capture the beauty.

For more of my ice photos, check out my Flickr page.

32-365 Storm of the Century


The "Storm of the Century" hit the Midwest today. In my little part of the Ozarks, we were mainly inundated with freezing rain. Thankfully, it switched over to sleet then snow before we had so much ice that it began to take down power lines. There's still always a chance that it could happen if the wind picks up too much, but for now, we have power.

Not the sharpest photo, but I liked the composition. I took this while it was still raining and couldn't get out of the house and I was trying to keep the back door open while keeping the camera out of the rain that was pelting into the house...so, I'm okay that it isn't tack-sharp.