Mock Senior Photo Shoots

As much as I love my nature and artistic photography, portrait photography brings in more money at this time. I have come to really enjoy it as well.  I am working towards steering my business towards senior photo sessions. I teach juniors in high school and love working with teens. Also, it is so much easier to work with one person than a whole family! Plus, I love the post processing as well.

I had the daughter of a friend and my cousin both model for me with mock photo shoots. Both of these have gotten me a lot of notice as a senior photographer and I have started talking with students about booking sessions for their senior photos. I am also looking at giving one of my boys a free session in order to both get experience with shooting males and getting some senior boys in my portfolio.

137-365 Hummingbird Silhouette

I plan on trying to get several good shots of my hummingbirds this year. This is the first.

136-365 Petunias

Nothing special, just a quick shot of the petunias my great grandmother gave me. I spent all day editing photos from my modelling shoot and didn't have much time to take pictures...

135-365 Hailey

A former student of mine needed a last minute photo shoot to get some photos for her modeling portfolio. We had 1 day to prepare and 1 day to shoot. I will then have 1 day to edit!

We had a lot of fun, but it would have been more fun if it hadn't been 56 degrees, windy and misting off and on...but she was a trooper. We ran out of time, but I guess the photos we took will have to do. I will post more photos of the shoot later.

134-365 Deer

Not a great picture because of how far away I was, but there were a few buzzards feasting off of the small animals that invariably get caught in the mower and the deer was eating the fresh mowed grass.

133-365 Mia

When I saw the light hitting Mia's face, I just had to grab my camera and take a picture. She is trying to to laugh but I love the smirk on her face. She is just a beauty.

132-365 Emily

My cousin was kind enough to model for me as I continue to work on my senior photography. I needed someone to help me test different locations on my parents' farm.



TERRIBLE focus. I tried to get some quick pics while working in the nursery. I couldn't quite get Mary to be still enough and didn't grab my flash, so I wasn't using a very fast shutter speed... Oh, well.

365 Catch Up

Once again I am behind on posting my 365 photos. This time it is due to time constraints and internet problems. Luckily, I have a little time right now and my internet was fixed today! Yeah!!

I realize I should also be blogging about each photo, but I just haven't had the time to do it, or maybe I should say "take the time" to do it. I will try to do better...when I have time.




 My nephew carries the worm bucket as my mom and I take the kids to hunt for worms. The worms were supposed to be for the chickens, but ended up as fish bait.

 My mom and I on Mother's Day. I can't even remember the last time we had a photo taken together. I used to hide from the camera, but after losing over 100 pounds, I'm not quite as camera shy (although I still prefer being behind the camera).

 My nephew runs to first base at his T-ball game. This was the first game I have gone to and it was so fun to watch.


123-365 Brett

I had my friend's daughter model for me today so I could practice and get samples of senior portraits. I had only done two quick senior shoots before and those were over a year ago (last minute shoots before the pictures were due to the yearbook staff). Brett is actually a freshman, but I wanted a younger student for my portrait pricing flier. I really enjoyed the shoot and I am enjoying editing them as well. There is just more you can do creatively with senior portraits than you can with family or wedding portraits (IMHO). I think I am going to like this aspect of portrait photography and since I teach juniors, I have a pretty good "in" with potential clients.

365 Prom, Babies and Kitties

Once again I have gotten behind in posting my 365 photos. I post them in three different places, and this blog takes the longest for them to load, so sometimes the photos back up.

This year's prom theme was A Night at the Beach and this mask was part of the tiki bar.

I love that these girls decided to wear their Chucks with their ball gowns for prom! Keepin' it real!

The theme for this baby shower was centered around vintage toys and the colors were inspired by the primary colors of blocks.

I spent all evening after work editing photos from a shoot, so I just took a quick photo of Hemingway for today's photo.

118-365 A Beautiful Day

After a week of rain, it felt right to capture this beautiful day in the Ozarks.

117-365 Noel's Close Up

Noel didn't like my macro lens right next to her face, so this wasn't an easy shot to get.

116-365 Bella

I was sitting outside trying to catch a hummingbird, but they are pretty skittish still, plus the next wave of storms are starting to blow in, so the lighting wasn't good for catching a hummingbird's colors, so I took this photo of Bella instead.

Easter Floods!

I love to dye Easter eggs with my niece and nephews. Actually, I didn't get to dye any this year because they were all big enough to do their own, so I'm bringing my own dozen next year!

Some geese made a pit stop on a flooded field near my house this Easter. After days of rain, this field now looks like a lake.


I went out Monday night (4/25/11) with my parents to look at all the creeks around us that had been flooded. I was glad I had my new Wellies on! I ended up having to spend the night at my parent's house because I couldn't get across the creek to my house.

110-365 Cow


I went with mom today when she fed cows. This one was posing for me. She came right up and just watched me as I clicked away with my camera.

108-365 It's Trivial!


This is an original Trivial Pursuit game. This photo has actually been turned on its side because this board hangs on my wall! I glued the pieces down as well as some of the cards as if there was an active game going!

107-365 Dogwood


I love dogwood trees. In my area of the Ozarks, the woods are sprinkled with them and there is always a week or two when these beautiful white trees can be seen from every roadside.

104-365 Carlotta Christening


Makenah plays Carlotta in our school play, American Idle: Murdering the Music. She is a natural actress and worth coming to see.

103-365 Fern

I actually like ferns the most when they are still all curled up right after they pop out of the ground each spring.

Absolutely no editing done on this photo (just a watermark)

102-365 Spring Buds


I really noticed today that everything is turning green. Sometimes it happens so gradually that we don't even really notice or appreciate it.

101-365 Humira


This is my life now. A shot every other week. I'm hoping that it will relieve me of my aches and pains and help stave off the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Two shots cost $1,600! With insurance it was going to cost me $100 a month. That would have been okay if it was just for a month or two, but not for years. Luckily, Humira has a program that I signed up for that lets me get two shots for $5! Thank the good Lord...prayers are answered.

100-365 Wow!

I did a pregnancy photo shoot for my cousin and his wife today. They wanted all their shots outside (which works well for me since I don't have a studio, although I can get pretty creative with sheets). We had a lot of fun and got some great photos. This is their first, a girl.

99-365 A Day on the Farm

I know this is actually 5 pictures, but I decided to do something a little different and create one photo that shows what happens when the kids and I go with Mom to "help" her with her chores.

97-365 Bleeding Hearts


Spring has definitely arrived at my house. I have several flowers blooming. I love bleeding hearts; they are just so unique.

96-365 Stars


This is part of a costume I put together for one of the characters in the school play (I'm one of the producer/directors).

95-365 First Cutting


I just love the first mowing of spring. The smell of the fresh cut grass smells so good and the yard looks so pretty!