Sunset in Progression

These aren't the highest quality pictures. I came upon this sunset and just grabbed a few quick shots. You can see the progress of the sunset in these shots.

Tiger Lily

This photo of a Tiger Lily in my front yard is not touched up in any way. I took this when the sun was shining right on the lilies. There was still a few drops of water on the flowers after a summer shower.

Storm Clouds

It has been storming a lot over the last few weeks. I took this during a tornado warning we had while out at church camp last week. These photos are not touched up in Photoshop in anyway. Mother Nature can be both beautiful and frightening at the same time.

An Ozarks Tree Frog

I found this little guy on my Mother's patio set; it had fallen out of the umbrella when it was opened up.

Tree Frog