118-365 A Beautiful Day

After a week of rain, it felt right to capture this beautiful day in the Ozarks.

117-365 Noel's Close Up

Noel didn't like my macro lens right next to her face, so this wasn't an easy shot to get.

116-365 Bella

I was sitting outside trying to catch a hummingbird, but they are pretty skittish still, plus the next wave of storms are starting to blow in, so the lighting wasn't good for catching a hummingbird's colors, so I took this photo of Bella instead.

Easter Floods!

I love to dye Easter eggs with my niece and nephews. Actually, I didn't get to dye any this year because they were all big enough to do their own, so I'm bringing my own dozen next year!

Some geese made a pit stop on a flooded field near my house this Easter. After days of rain, this field now looks like a lake.


I went out Monday night (4/25/11) with my parents to look at all the creeks around us that had been flooded. I was glad I had my new Wellies on! I ended up having to spend the night at my parent's house because I couldn't get across the creek to my house.

110-365 Cow


I went with mom today when she fed cows. This one was posing for me. She came right up and just watched me as I clicked away with my camera.

108-365 It's Trivial!


This is an original Trivial Pursuit game. This photo has actually been turned on its side because this board hangs on my wall! I glued the pieces down as well as some of the cards as if there was an active game going!

107-365 Dogwood


I love dogwood trees. In my area of the Ozarks, the woods are sprinkled with them and there is always a week or two when these beautiful white trees can be seen from every roadside.

104-365 Carlotta Christening


Makenah plays Carlotta in our school play, American Idle: Murdering the Music. She is a natural actress and worth coming to see.

103-365 Fern

I actually like ferns the most when they are still all curled up right after they pop out of the ground each spring.

Absolutely no editing done on this photo (just a watermark)

102-365 Spring Buds


I really noticed today that everything is turning green. Sometimes it happens so gradually that we don't even really notice or appreciate it.

101-365 Humira


This is my life now. A shot every other week. I'm hoping that it will relieve me of my aches and pains and help stave off the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Two shots cost $1,600! With insurance it was going to cost me $100 a month. That would have been okay if it was just for a month or two, but not for years. Luckily, Humira has a program that I signed up for that lets me get two shots for $5! Thank the good Lord...prayers are answered.

100-365 Wow!

I did a pregnancy photo shoot for my cousin and his wife today. They wanted all their shots outside (which works well for me since I don't have a studio, although I can get pretty creative with sheets). We had a lot of fun and got some great photos. This is their first, a girl.

99-365 A Day on the Farm

I know this is actually 5 pictures, but I decided to do something a little different and create one photo that shows what happens when the kids and I go with Mom to "help" her with her chores.

97-365 Bleeding Hearts


Spring has definitely arrived at my house. I have several flowers blooming. I love bleeding hearts; they are just so unique.

96-365 Stars


This is part of a costume I put together for one of the characters in the school play (I'm one of the producer/directors).

95-365 First Cutting


I just love the first mowing of spring. The smell of the fresh cut grass smells so good and the yard looks so pretty!

A Week of Photos

I was a little behind posting pictures because I was gone for a week on senior trip as a sponsor.




Hogwarts Castle at Universal. I was so excited that I got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during senior trip.


Dance like there's no tomorrow! The kids went on a dinner/dancing cruise and partied the night away.

St. Augustine, FL - oldest city in the US

Noel was so glad I was home that she immediately jumped up on my pillow as if to say, "I missed you, Mommy!"




Self Portrait. It was time for a new profile pic and so I decided to take advantage of the morning light and the fact that I hair and make-up done.