Various "Old" Photos

My mother has about 50 hummingbirds that she feeds every summer. She asked me to take a few pictures and I managed to get a few really good close ups.
This is some zebra grass in my back yard.
I just love my niece and nephews, and think they make great subjects for my photos. As much as I would love to share more pictures of them, I do not feel comfortable posting pictures where people can see their faces. There are a couple of reasons... first, they are not my kids and I don't think it is up to me to decide if their pictures are posted on the World Wide Web (and I'm not sure my brother or sister-in-law would be comfortable with it). Second, I have no idea who all might see these and am uncomfortable with the idea that some skeevy pedophile could have access to the photos.
I love this shot of The Niece running. It's not very often that I can get candids of the kids because they love to have their picture taken.
This is a shot of my dad on the combine in the field below my house. I shot this through some tree branches.

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