What to Wear on Your Photo Session - Senior Girls Edition

Everyone wants to know what they should wear on their photo shoot. While there are no hard and fast rules, I've got some great tips for you! 

The Quick Change -  The first thing I tell my senior girls when they ask what they should wear is to wear a cami or bandeau so that they can easily change tops. Often we are out in a field, on the river, or in a back alley - places where a bathroom (or any private place to change) is hard to find or not close by. Wearing a favorite pair of jeans and bringing along several different tops, as well as shoes and accessories, makes it easy to quickly change your look on the go! Because who wants all of their senior portraits to be in the same outfit? I’ve also had some girls wear spankies or a similar small, tight pair of shorts so they can do complete outfit changes anywhere without feeling too conspicuous.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful? - Always choose outfits that make you feel beautiful. Maybe that means you found a beautiful new dress, or maybe it means pulling out an old favorite from your closet. Don’t get hung up on the need to buy new clothes or have something special for the day though. Everyone owns at least one outfit that makes them feel good about themselves!

Be Yourself! -  Sure it is fun to have at least one really special outfit, one that makes you feel sexy or especially beautiful, but what really matters is that you bring outfits that represent who you are! Trust me, 10 years down the road you will regret wearing something in your senior portraits that wasn’t the real you. Do you have a favorite shirt? Do you normally wear your hair curly or straight? Have at least some of your portraits taken wearing a casual, everyday outfit that you love. I have had some of the most beautiful girls wear some gorgeous outfits (and man, are they knockouts in those outfits), but the photos they tend to love the most are ones with them in jeans/shorts and a favorite top.

The Hair?!?! - I know this is a huge issue for some of my girls. I have had some that spend hours on their hair prior to getting their pictures taken. Others tend to leave it more natural. There are definitely two ways to look at this: You want to feel beautiful. AND You want to look like yourself. Okay, maybe that is just two things combined into one; either way, I recommend not getting a major cut or color prior to your photo session. By all means, touch up your roots and get a trim, but I would stay away from a major color change or new hair style. I would, however, bring the necessary tools to do a hairstyle change in the middle of the session. Maybe you want to put your hair up or curl it for part of your photos. A good photographer should allow time for these changes.

Lari went from straight to curly in the same session which adds a big change to her photos.

Accessorize! - While I am not one who wears much jewelry myself, accessories can be another great way to change up outfits or add a little something special. Bring several different earring and necklace choices. Add a sparkly headband. If you love hats, wear one in a few of your photos! Scarves are a great way to add a pop of color, and if you are like me, you have lots of them that you could bring along to help change up your outfits!
Jandale has on the same outfit
but with the addition of a scarf and a quick hair change, she has really changed up her look!

What NOT to Wear! - What not to wear is almost as important as what you should wear. People will say that you shouldn’t wear things with big and bold patterns, and while that is true, that is not the most important thing in my opinion.  The most important thing to me is to never wear something you wouldn’t normally wear. Let me tell you a story: a million years ago my brother had his senior pictures taken. I’m not sure whose decision it was, his or our mother’s, but he wore his class ring. Not a big deal, right? Debatable. That giant ring (those boys’ rings sure were huge) stands out in all of his photos. Maybe it doesn’t look odd to strangers, but I can’t remember him ever wearing that ring in his everyday life. It just looks odd in those pictures. If there is something like that a parent is insisting you wear, do so for a few photos, but not all. And, oh yeah… don’t wear big, bold prints!

I would also be careful of the following:
  • Bright or crazy-colored nail polish - Those blue nails might look good, but I’m guessing you will be sorry in 10 years…or 10 months
  • Anything that might be too short or too revealing. - You should have an outfit that makes you feel fabulous, but don’t pick something that you are going to have to constantly monitor to make sure you aren’t showing too much for Dad and Grandma!
  • Stripes - Man am I a fan of stripes. Half of my tops are stripes. It’s bad enough that people have noticed and commented on it. However, stripes are not always the most flattering pattern. They can highlight every bump and curve as well as any bunch or gathering in the material when you are in any pose that isn’t just standing up straight. 
  • Bright colored underwear - Nothing is worse than forgetting that you put on your hot pink bra, except remembering that you also wore the matching underwear! Wear a nude color so that it doesn’t show through any of your outfits. And remember to pack that strapless bra if you are going to need it for a dress or top.
I hope that these tips help you prepare for your session. If you have any other tips, please share them! 

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