Capturing the Moment

Obviously, I LOVE taking pictures, especially of those I love. My family says that they are blessed to have someone in their family that is a photographer and can capture those every day moments. But you too can be your family's photographer! All it takes is a little extra knowhow. Composition, lighting, and knowing your subject are so important. I am going to help you to capture those special, every day moments in your family's life. Be sure to follow my blog on How To's and Tips to help you be the one to truly capture those special memories in your life.

My grandmother and my niece at Christmas

My niece and her best friend holding hands while searching for Easter eggs

My niece giving me "the look" while digging through her stocking

A friend's kid after eating the chocolate found in her Easter egg

A friend and her little girl watching the 4th of July Parade

A friends little boy at our 4th of July party

One of my best friends and another friend's baby girl at the 4th of July party

A friend's little girl with her "prizes" from the 4th of July Parade

A friend and his granddaughter at our 4th of July party

You too can have great "snapshots" like these. Yes, I used a pro-DSLR, but there are lots of tips on how to get great photos like these with your point and shoot camera!

Be sure to follow my blog for tips on how to capture moments like these!

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