Night Light

I am not really happy with this picture, but this blog is not about being perfect. It is, instead, about the journey. I took multiple shots of this light with all different settings. While I did use a tripod, there is still some blur if you zoom into the light pole, and that is really why I am still unhappy with this picture. I couldn't find my remote, and I think that might have helped some.

Night Light


Geo said...

This is a nice shot STG. The way light is falling on the pole is really interesting. One option that i've tried when the remote is not readily available is to use the timer to avoid any camera shake from pressing the shutter button (just watch out for any large animals that might charge at your setup).

Smalltown Girl said...

Thanks for the tip. No large animals here (just cats); I was on my front steps.

Oddly, It almost looks like there was a finger print on my lens. I didn't notice it until I posted the picture. It's driving me nuts.