Credit Your Photographer

You finally got your prints and digital files from that amazing photo session. You LOVE them! And of course…you can’t wait to share them all over Facebook and Instagram. 

Social media is the marketing of the future for photographers. We want our clients to share their photos as much as possible. Telling your friends how much you loved your photos is the best advertisement there is and beats every paid add out there. However, if you don't credit your photographer, not only may you be breaking your contract, you may also be costing your photographer future business. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Credit Your Photographer

1.  You LOVE your photos and experience.
2.  Friends who are looking for a professional photographer can check out yours.
3.  You want your photographer to be successful and gain more business…from YOUR photos!
4.  It’s easy to do!
5.  It’s the right thing to do! Photographers deserve credit for their work.

This shout out made my day. AND...gained me several new followers!

Ways You Can Give Credit

1.  @name your photographer
2.  Use the hashtag(s) your photographer uses for their business
3.  Tag your photographer in your photo

1.  Share your photos directly from your photographer’s page so it links back
2.  Tag your photographer and/or their page in the caption of the photo
3.  Share a link to your photographer’s website in the caption

In General
1.  Be sure to link back to your photographer in some way using their “handle”
2.  Always give the name of your photographer and their business
3.  Add a link to your photographer’s website 

A Word of Warning
Be sure you have permission to share photos on social media prior to doing so, and DO NOT edit them in any way. If you are working with a professional, you signed a contract. It is highly likely there was something in that contract making you liable for any picture you post or edit without permission. 

Here is an example from my contract:
Social Media/Internet: Client agrees to not alter images posted to social media sites (includes, but is not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr!, personal blogs, etc). Client also agrees to give Photographer credit for any and all photographs posted to social media sites. Client may not scan proofs or portraits in order to post to sites, but may purchase digital copies of photographs that can be posted. Any DVD/CD purchased of portraits or proofs constitutes permission to post on social media sites with above stipulations.

Your photographer has put a lot of time and effort into making you look the best in your photos. I can tell you from personal experience that it is very disheartening and frustrating to see photos I’ve taken posted without any reference at all to me or my business. It is frustrating to see all the comments about how great the photos are, how beautiful the subject, but no one knows who the photographer is. Those are possible clients that I am not being exposed to unless they take the time to ask. 

Every time I see someone post professional photos without giving credit, I shudder a little. That is someone’s livelihood. And in today’s world of sharing through social media verses actually printing and handing out photos, those posts are even more likely to lessen the income a photographer might get from future print sales. This is especially prevalent with school photos. Every time a local school has school picture day, Facebook is inundated with people posting their child’s photo. This is actually not okay. I’ve even seen people post photos of pictures with a huge “Do Not Copy” watermark on it. You are doing exactly what it says not to do on the picture! 

Consider this: you would not want someone to take credit for anything you created. The same applies to not giving credit where credit it is due. Give that shout out!

Hopefully this post helped you see why it is important to give your photographer a shout out by crediting their work on social media. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this. Have you shared photos without crediting the photographer? Would you still do it? What is your favorite social media site for sharing photos?

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