Honeysuckle Vine

I actually took this picture Saturday, but forgot to post it.

Honeysuckle Vine


Tatiana said...

Beautiful photos!

The Margin Wight said...

We used to suck honeysuckle when I was but a lad visiting my grandmother in Perryville. Is that close to your location?

Smalltown Girl said...

@ Tatiana - Thanks so much!

@Wight - I'm in south central Missouri...the heart of the Ozarks. It's not too far away, but several hours from Perryville.

Oz Girl said...

Ah honeysuckle! A beautiful photograph, and the smell is heavenly.

I see you have a Nikon D40 - I have the D60, hubby got it for xmas for me. I've been having a ball with it, although I'm at the point where I need to read up some more and advance my skills more!