A Line of Pines

I feel a lot better about this photo than the rest of the ones I have put up this week. I always like my pictures better when I venture out of my back yard. I will admit being sick this last week was not good for my photography! Bronchitis made me not feel good and the cough syrup (with codeine) made me too sleepy to care about much.

This is a picture of pines that my dad planted years ago along the highway. I've always loved how these pines line the highway.

I put the pictures through some Photoshop filters. I used the magnetic lasso tool to choose the sky and used a blue filter, then lassoed the trees and used a green filter. The filters really made the trees pop.

A Line of Pines


Kelly said...

where did you download your blog template? also, I love how your pictures are so big. Whenever I try to manually change the pixel by changing the width only, the height doesn't change. how do you do it? email me if you could be so kind. thanks! klcoffey at gmail dot com

Smalltown Girl said...

I love questions. I have already emailed Kelly, but if anyone else has this question, you can go to my January posts and I have one entitled Larger Picture Size where I give the link to the site where I found a tutorial to post larger picture sizes.